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Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009) - singer, dancer, songwriter, legend man, myth man. He invented his own peculiar dance genre, similar to the movement of a "robot" (based on sharp flapping of the head, jumping up on toes, manipulating the groin), and also improved the famous "moonwalk". Michael Jackson is twice in the Guinness Book of Records, he is the owner of 19 Grammy awards and dozens of other awards.

Album Thriller (1982), Jackson's most popular album, was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most famous. Four solo albums are well known: Off the Wall (1979), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) and HIStory (1995).

Michael loved to dance from childhood, and he grabbed the movements on the fly. Yes it's true. Even as a little boy, Michael Jackson competed with the courtyard boys in the art of dance. Later, his skill was improved. The choreographers, whose services the singer turned to when his first glory came to him, noted Jackson's outstanding talent for dancing. The young pop king grabbed the movements on the fly and repeated too quickly.

Michael's father, Joseph Jackson, was a stern, hot-tempered man and beat his children. In his family, Joe Jackson maintained a strict discipline. He repeatedly beat his children, including Michael. Once, when Michael (the boy was not yet five years old) was asleep, Joseph put on a terrifying mask, made his way into his room, through the open window (the child forgot to close) and began to shrill and roar. This did not pass without a trace for Michael, after he had nightmares for a long time, he was sick of communicating with his father.

The Jacksons were musically gifted children and were never out of tune. The Jacksons were gifted children, but the most prominent of them were Michael Joseph Jackson and Janet Damita Joe Jackson. Michael was the seventh of nine Jackson children. The rehearsals were led by Joe Jackson, who always had a belt in his hands. If any of the children falsified, the father would severely punish the "guilty".

At the age of twenty, Michael Jackson played his first and main role in a movie. The film did not gain widespread popularity. It was the African-American version of The Wizard of Oz story. But in the process of filming the actor met Diana Ross (popular American singer, actress, music producer) and famous composer Quincy Jones, who became the producer of Jackson's first solo album ("Off the Wall" was seven times platinum).

In The Simpsons, Michael Jackson's voice is heard in the episode "Stark Raving Dad". Indeed, the pop star voiced the character "Michael Jackson" in one of the series "The Simpsons", although the name "John Jay Smith" is written in the credits.

Michael is one of the youngest performers to receive a star on the Walk of Fame. Yes it is. On November 20, 1984, Michael Jackson's star shone on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The singer is 26 years old.

Michael Jackson specially brightened the skin. Not certainly in that way. Michael suffered from vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin disease, it does not bring suffering to a person, except for an external cosmetic defect (a violation of skin pigmentation, expressed in the absence of melanin pigment in some parts of the body). This disease is incurable. The cause of the disease is unknown to medicine. This is a skin disease that began to manifest itself first on the singer's hand, and after the spots went down the neck and face, then the spots began to grow and merge until the skin became completely white. There is no consensus as to what exactly Jackson had to do to achieve uniform skin color. Some researchers of the singer's biography believe that he had to resort to the intervention of doctors, others argue that he solved the problem with cosmetics.

Michael wore a silk mask because he was afraid of the sun's rays. Due to the fact that Michael suffered from vitiligo, he needed to be wary of the sun's rays. The singer himself has stated that he is allergic to the sun. Therefore, going outside, he put on a silk mask, a long-sleeved shirt, trousers, sunglasses and a hat.

Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley of convenience. No, it’s not. The marriage was concluded for mutual love. On May 18, 1994, Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley got married. However, the marriage did not last long, only 20 months.

Michael Jackson invented the moonwalk. The exact author of the "moonwalk" is unknown. But before Michael Jackson, it was danced by the mimes Etienne Decroix and Jean-Louis Barrot (the film Children of Paradise 1944/45), Fred Astaire (American actor, dancer, choreographer, Hollywood star). Michael never hid that it was not he who invented the moonwalk. For the first time with a "moonwalk", he appeared in May 1983 on a television show dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Motown Records (a well-known American record company). The merit of Jackson is that he modernized the original "moonwalk" using elements of a step, made a double reverse slide. "Moonwalk" became the singer's trademark.

To prolong his life, Michael Jackson slept in a pressure chamber. In 1986, a photo of Michael appeared in the press, lying in a pressure chamber, with the statement that the singer sleeps in it every night. This myth was invented by the singer himself, and in the camera he just posed.

Official Michael Jackson's calendar had no weekends or holidays. In 1985 the "Official Michael Jackson" calendar was released, which became the bestseller. But in it, neither weekends nor holidays were really allocated. This is because Michael was at that time a member of the community of Jehovah's Witnesses, which did not observe "secular" holidays.

Michael has never experienced financial difficulties. It is not true. Despite his popularity and millions, Michael Jackson had financial difficulties. In the summer of 2002, Michael demands from the management of the company "Sony" to return 200 million dollars (the amount was exaggerated several times), spent on the promotion of the latest album "Invincible". The singer experienced financial difficulties after numerous lawsuits accusing him of pedophilia. Michael Jackson died leaving huge debts. The Wall Street Journal wrote that the singer's debt was about $ 0.5 billion.

Michael Jackson slept in the same bed with the monkey. Yes it is. In the early 80s, Michael had a beloved chimpanzee named Bubbles, with whom he never parted. The chimpanzee accompanied the singer everywhere: on the recording of the album, during the filming of the video. Bubbles lived with the singer at Neverland (the singer's ranch), slept in Michael's bed, bathed in his bath, even learned how to use Jackson's toilet.

Diamonds were made from the singer's hair. Dean Vanden Biesen, founder of the Chicago-based Life Gem, has announced his intention to make 10 diamonds from Michael Jackson's hair. In 1984, when Michael was filming a commercial for Pepsi, the singer's hair accidentally caught fire from a spark, and then Jackson lost some of his hair. They were acquired by the Life Gem company. The process of turning hair into a diamond is as follows: carbon is extracted from them, then, under certain conditions, it is converted into graphite. In special furnaces, graphite is turned into diamond.

Michael Jackson has done a lot of plastic surgery on the nose to make him look different from the Negroid race. At one of the large-scale rehearsals, Michael breaks his nose. And he has to do plastic surgery. The operation is not going well, the singer has breathing problems. He is re-operated by Dr. Stephen Hafflin, a top-class rhinoplasty specialist. But this does not save Michael, the nose is becoming the number one problem and the reason for a number of other plastic surgeries. At the end of 2000, the star's nose became soft as clay, and the singer is forced to wear a plastic prosthesis. There is an opinion that Michael also did a circular lift, reduced the thickness of his lips and changed his cheekbones, although there is another point of view that this is the result of anorexia. After the death of Michael Jackson, an autopsy revealed that he underwent only 13 plastic surgeries.

Michael Jackson wanted to buy the remains of an elephant man. This myth was invented by the press. In the late 80s, an article appeared that allegedly Michael offered one million dollars to London Medical College for the remains of the elephant man Joseph Merrick (a man with a monstrously deformed body, for which he was nicknamed the elephant man). However, in fact, there was no such proposal from Jackson.

The pop star did a lot of charity work. Michael provided financial assistance to 39 charitable organizations, took part in their activities and projects. Even in his will, the singer donated 20% of his capital to charity.

During the filming of the Brazilian version of the video for They Don't Care About Us, Michael Jackson paid drug dealers to let him film among the shacks. No that's not true. Video director Spike Lee and the pop star decided to shoot a video in the poorest area of ​​Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To ensure the safety of filming, The Skylight hired 60 local residents as security guards. These people were regularly paid salaries. Thus, the drug dealers were bypassed.

Michael Jackson owned a record company. It's true. The singer was the owner of ATV Music, as well as the owner of the music production of The Beatles (Jackson acquired the company for $ 47.5 million in 1985). Because of this, he even fell out with Paul McCartney.

The pop star was a pedophile. During the filming of the documentary in one of his interviews, Jackson said that he shares a bed with the boys who are visiting him on the Neverland Ranch and considers it a natural expression of friendship. Although Jackson clarified that he meant only sleep, it did not save him. After the aforementioned statement, a series of lawsuits began (autumn 2003). The king of pop was accused of 10 cases of violation of the law, on the following points: lecherous acts with minors, soldering them with alcohol, keeping children against their will, intimidating children. Michael faced 20 years in prison. The singer was acquitted on June 13, 2005 and was found not guilty of all charges.

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