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Recently, money has become more and more important. True, most of those who know something about investments, in fact, have extremely fragmented and unreliable information.

That is why so many rumors and myths revolve around investments, there are also legends here. You can even single out a group of the most popular misconceptions about this topic, which have firmly stuck in the head of some people who have never really invested.

To start investing in something, you need to collect impressive start-up capital. This investment myth is, without exaggeration, the most popular. And it appeared due to the fact that there really are areas that require considerable investment. These are art objects, real estate, precious jewelry. But no one bothers to choose cheaper options. Moreover, there are always options for cheap investments on the market. You can even find an unreported project, a kind of "dark horse" and invest in it. The risk, of course, is present, but the lead and the amount can be lost a little. But it is worthwhile to understand that from investing small funds and the profit will be appropriate. So in order to increase profitability, you will have to constantly increase the amount of your investments. Experts advise to invest at least 10% of the monthly earned money in the business.

In order to become an investor, you must first get an economic education. You don't need an economics degree to work with investments. Anyone who has more or less mastered the basics of financial literacy can become an investor. With its help, it will be possible to reduce your expenses and start saving money. And learning how to invest is not at all so difficult - today there is a lot of literature on this topic, and numerous Internet resources will also tell about investing. There are also training seminars that will teach both the distribution of the family budget and the investment opportunities that have developed in the country at this point in time. So it is quite possible to educate yourself yourself. The main thing here is to try. Indeed, without applying your skills in practice, you will not be able to earn valuable experience. It is he who is the very baggage that will allow you to achieve success.

Investing is very difficult. From the outside it often seems that the investor is constantly surrounded by charts, analyzing something, spending almost all of his time on it. In fact, this is a common misconception. To become an investor, you just need to choose several financial instruments, study the market in advance and calculate all possible risks. If you are engaged in the acquisition of securities, then this procedure will be even simpler. It is necessary to choose only a few proven and stable companies, whose securities will be able to provide the desired yield. It remains only to register your trade with brokers. If you have doubts about choosing a company, then you can get a free consultation from the same brokers.

By investing, you can lose all your funds. Nobody says that this activity is absolutely safe. However, with common sense, it may turn out that our life is generally full of rather risky situations. Investing is no more risky than sailing or driving. It would be a mistake to invest all your funds in a suspicious fund with a high level of return. After all, this way you can lose all your money. Any good investor starts by choosing the tools to create their own investment portfolio. We need to carefully weigh all risks and profitability, diversify our funds. With a reasonable approach, investments will turn out to be a profit, not a loss of capital.

Investments will turn into participation in the next financial pyramid. Anyone who wants to avoid participating in financial pyramids should remember its main features. Such a structure guarantees unrealistically high incomes, there is no product produced, and the profit is obtained at the expense of other people. Information about the work of such an organization is usually hidden, and registration is made offshore. Pyramids love to lure investors with corporate events, drawing of tickets and prizes.

Investing will take a long time. For those who have never been involved in investments, it seems that the selection of assets for this is a time-consuming process. Only in our country there are not so many financial instruments to think about for a long time. You can generally give your money to professionals, participants in the financial market. It can be either a brokerage company or, in general, a bank deposit. You can even forget about your investment for a while and certainly not waste time on it. During this period, the funds will be managed by professional managers, so you will have to allocate time just to find a suitable company.

It is better to invest in some other countries, but not here. In fact, it is in Russia and the CIS countries that you can get the highest profitability. If in our country the maximum yield on corporate bonds reaches 8%, in America and Europe it does not exceed 5%. And in Kyrgyzstan, the yield generally reaches 20%. And information about domestic public companies is much easier to obtain than foreign ones. This leads to lower risks. In such a situation, it would be appropriate to remember about patriotism, because they make their own, albeit small, contribution to the development of their own country. It is important that the money does not lie, but works and makes a profit.

You don't need a third-party specialist to invest. Even if the decision on the management of funds is made alone, one cannot do without contact with a third-party specialist. If a person starts to have toothache, then he goes to the dentist, and to no one else. The situation is similar with investments. Purchase and sale of securities is impossible without the participation of a brokerage company. In any case, you will need to make the right and adequate decision. If you have free time, then it would be better to spend it on analyzing the current situation and making a decision as carefully as possible.

Only one instrument should be the subject of investment. Doing so is simply unacceptable! If you invest all your funds in one thing, then the risk of losing capital will increase significantly. For example, real estate is believed to be the best investment. Many people invest all their money in it. But who said that real estate would certainly be profitable? As inflation rises, it also increases in price. And you can reduce your risks through a reasonable distribution of your investments, diversification. It is she who is an important condition for effective investment. When forming your investment portfolio, you need to invest part of the funds in those instruments that will provide a guaranteed income. These can be government securities, bank deposits, or bonds. You can also contact those specialists who will help you create the most profitable portfolio in which the risks will be minimized.

High income is only possible through speculation. Most ordinary people think that with the help of speculation, you can increase your capital in just a year by 10, or even 20 times. And it really seems possible. But if the share price fluctuates by 5% per day, then in terms of a year it turns out to be just about 1800%. In reality, even experienced investors using speculation can earn no more than 100% per annum. The rest are happy if with the help of such a tool they generally remain in the black. Practice has shown that making big money through speculation is just a myth. Yes, in our country, daily speculation on the stock exchange is simply impossible. For such a game, you need to register on an international platform, which will immediately require additional costs. It is rather difficult to check the reliability of this site. This again suggests that the myth of the insolvency of domestic companies was created from scratch.

Investing in securities is like playing in a casino. This myth is a variation of the assertion that you can make a lot of money from speculation. This approach is somewhat reminiscent of a casino, where get rich quick is also possible. So the myth about the riskiness of investing appeared. Indeed, if you engage in speculation in the stock market, the risks of losing your funds will be higher. But if it is wise to invest money in securities, then the chances of losing will be much less. World experience has proven that investing is not at all as difficult as it seems to many. The right approach will take little and minimize risks. But thanks to investment, it will be possible to form your own financial independence. So it will be possible not only to save money, but also to receive income from them. And all this - without much effort and time. The main thing is not to be afraid of the inevitable risks, not to postpone for later and start investing as quickly as possible.

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