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Unified State Exam

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The transfer of experience gained over a long and, at times, difficult life is a rather difficult business, requiring endurance, ingenuity, patience, and the ability to explain in such a way that the learner who adopts the experience will remember for a long time and actually apply it. Once experience was passed from mouth to mouth in the form of fascinating fairy tales, parables, proverbs, and life itself gave marks for the lessons learned correctly. If you haven't learned when to sow and reap, you will remain hungry.

But times are changing, the educational system and the methods of monitoring students' knowledge are changing. Barely teachers, students and parents got used to the twelve-point (and one hundred-point) system for assessing the level of comprehension of a particular subject - again, innovation, testing or the Unified State Exam (unified state exam). It would seem that everything is simple - take the test, get a Certificate and - you are welcome, the door of any university is open for you. And the tests are checked by cars and strangers - therefore, there can be no talk of any corruption and "helping the pets".

But, as it turned out, not everything is so simple. And the certificates have not been canceled, and in universities entrance exams (called Olympiads, interviews, etc.) will still have to be passed. How to properly prepare for the Unified State Exam, is it possible to enter several universities at once, is there an opportunity to retake the tests - we will try to answer these and other questions, simultaneously debunking some myths about external testing.

The certificate has lost its value, which means that it will soon be canceled. This is not true. Universities have the right to hold certificate contests or add to the test result the average score of marks received at the school. Consequently, a good certificate in some cases can increase the passing score of a future applicant.

Testing conducted by people "from the outside" deprives the teacher of the opportunity to influence the result of assessing the student's knowledge. Indeed, teachers cannot influence the test results, but they are free to put in the certificate what, in their opinion, the student deserves. Consequently, the opportunity to manipulate estimates still remains.

The certificate makes it possible to enroll in only one university. When submitting documents, you can provide both the original and a notarized copy of the school certificate and Certificate. But you still have to present the original documents to the members of the selection committee for review.

There will be no exams in universities. There really will be no official exams (the exception is exams determined by the admission conditions: for creative specialties, in some cases - a foreign language). But various kinds of Olympiads, interviews, creative contests, certification tests (not much different from the usual entrance exams) may well take place.

A doctor's certificate is exempt from testing. Frees but does not qualify for a Certificate. That is, testing will still have to be passed when the state of health allows (for this, a second test passing session is provided from June 26 to July 4). Without certificates, disabled persons of the first and second groups and military personnel who have retired can enter universities.

Testing will be canceled from day to day. At the moment, no one is going to cancel this type of assessment of students' knowledge.

Bribes in universities will not be accepted. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. Although the Certificate gives the right to enter any university, nothing prevents teachers from admitting insufficient knowledge of a student who is eager to enter this educational institution during an interview, an Olympiad or other additional tests. Or it is more gracious to look at the child, whose parents showed care (for a tidy sum) about the admission of their beloved child to the desired university.

When testing tests, both humans and computers are wrong. Indeed, no one is immune from mistakes, therefore, for example, in Russia, the USE technology provides for mutual verification. The process of recognition of forms by the machine is controlled by verifier operators.

Testing undermines the credibility of school teachers. No, test results are not a criterion for measuring the level of professionalism of teachers.

Testing introduced in some CIS countries is completely borrowed from the West. Indeed, Western samples were used when creating tests. But, say, the Russian USE technology has no analogues in the world and is based on Russian software.

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