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Apartment for sale

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Selling an apartment is a complex process that requires knowledge and experience. In order not to repeat other people's mistakes, it is worth knowing in advance about the most common misconceptions.

To estimate the cost of an apartment, it is enough to verbally describe it to the realtor by phone. Maybe the approximate cost of an apartment can be determined in this way. However, it should be remembered that the price of an “express appraisal” by correspondence may differ from the final one by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A specialist can name the exact price of real estate only after a thorough examination of the premises.

If you contact several agencies at once, the sale will be faster and more profitable. This is not true. The seller can receive a competent advertising campaign for his object only upon concluding a contract. In this case, the agency, confident that its costs will pay off, pays in full for the advertising campaign of the property in the leading real estate publications. After the conclusion of an exclusive contract, the realtor is obliged to report on the work done both to the client and to the agency's management. This stimulates the agent to work faster and better.

The seller does not need to check the history of the apartment. It would seem that the history of the apartment should be of interest only to the buyer. However, in fact, such a check is also necessary for the seller. Checking the history and providing the result to the buyer has a positive effect on the price of the apartment and the speed of its sale. A fully informed buyer is ready to pay more for verified properties.

The list of documents required for the sale of an apartment is the same for all transactions of this kind. Each transaction has many features that affect the composition of the required package of documents. The number and age of the owners, the presence of minors, disabled persons among the owners, the type of ownership, the type of house, redevelopments made, etc. are taken into account. Therefore, before collecting the documents necessary for the transaction, be sure to consult with specialists.

A large number of object views is an indicator of the agent's good performance. Misconception. A large number of views occur when a salesperson tries to act independently or hires an inexperienced agent. Keep in mind that not all visitors are potential buyers. An experienced realtor is able to identify and exclude people who are "just interested" and not ready to buy this property even at the stage of a telephone conversation. As a result, only a few buyers come to the seller's apartment, one of whom eventually concludes a deal to buy a home with the seller.

The task of a realtor is to find a buyer. The most common and rather dangerous misconception for the seller. The main task of a realtor is to provide his client with the most favorable price conditions (this requires experience in negotiation), to notarize the transaction and register property rights. In addition (and this is the most important thing!), The realtor must provide the seller with reliable and safe payments, excluding any kind of deception.

The deadlines for registering property rights are always the same. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Given the queues, this process can take from several weeks to several months.

Ownership is drawn up by a notary. Often, after the notarization of the transaction, the seller is sincerely sure that the sale has already taken place and now he can get money for his living space without delay. However, it is not. The notary only certifies the transaction: verifies the identity and legal capacity of citizens, property rights to the object, fixes the terms of the transaction. However, even after the notarization, the transaction may fail. The transfer of ownership takes place at Rosregistratsia, and for various reasons, registration of rights may be refused. That is why before the notarization of the transaction, only the deposit of money in the cell takes place. The seller can receive the money owed to him only after receiving documents from Rosregistratsiya.

The seller can withdraw money from the bank cell on his own. As already mentioned, the buyer of the apartment puts the money in the bank's cell before the notarization of the contract. Once the property rights are registered, the seller can take them back. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that money can be withdrawn from the cell only in the presence of both parties (the seller and the buyer). Prior to the registration of the transaction, this guarantees the safety of the buyer: the seller cannot independently withdraw the money until the documents are received from Rosregistratsia. But after registering the rights, difficulties may arise - after all, the buyer received everything he needs and is no longer associated with the seller. He may go on vacation, change his place of residence, not answer phone calls, etc. Sometimes buyers even go to deliberate fraud, blackmailing the previous owner of the apartment - he agrees to come to the bank for money only on condition that a certain amount is paid to him. That is why a realtor from a reliable agency is especially needed in the calculations - he will not allow the parties to manipulate each other. When renting a cell, the agency becomes a third party that monitors the execution of the terms of the transaction and determines who has the right to open the cell.

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