Murphy's Laws of Wives

Murphy's Laws of Wives

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Matrimonial problem

An important matrimonial problem is that both men and women want wives.

A clear lack of romance

You need to bring some romance back into your marriage if:

1. There is still a small child seat in the front seat of your family car between you and your husband, while your last son graduated from high school.

2. The only transparent thing you put on when you go to bed is a hairnet.

3. Your love letters are kept in the attic in a dusty shoebox.

4. You stopped listening to his every word, preferring now to cling to his every word.

Some helpful tips

1. Let your husband feel that he is more important to you than your children. Never say, "Not tonight, or one of the little ones has a headache."

2. Become more resourceful in arguments - do not use the same vicious arguments in every skirmish.

3. Since you've told your secretary to print him a love letter, order her not to endorse him.

Where would he be without you?

1. If you didn’t choose clothes for him, he would go dressed worse than a bum.

2. If you hadn't washed his junk, he would have run out of clean shirts a long time ago, and he would have worn dirty.

3. If you didn't clean after him, he would live like in a pigsty

4. If you didn’t prepare meals for him, he would have died of malnutrition long ago.

Axiom about angels

Women who consider their husbands to be angels are widows.

The price of success

The higher you climb the corporate ladder, the later you get home from work.

Hair points to the left

The five extra minutes you spend styling your hair will make him confident that you have a suitor.

How to keep a reasonable balance between work and play?

Giving herself entirely to work and completely abandoning any entertainment, Jill became a workaholic, and Jack - a rich widower.

Some Helpful Tips for Working Women Who Marry Jealous Men

1. If you have a business card of a man, write on the back of it a list of products that you need to buy, so that it all looks like something completely irrelevant to you.

2. Before leaving for work, polish your wedding ring.

3. Leave the house with glasses on your nose. Wear your contact lenses at work.

4. Leave the house without makeup. Get your face clean at work.

5. If you need to call a man from home who works in your company, diligently look for his number in the phone book, even if you remember it perfectly by heart.

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