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Meaning of the name

Voldemar in translation from ancient German means "famous ruler".


In childhood, these boys are mobile, but they do not give special cares to their parents, although they are often fighters. They study well at school, even succeed. They are similar in character to their mother.

They master mathematics, physics and other exact subjects well. They have a difficult character, often quarreling with their father. Vulnerable, but with cunning. They always insist on their own. Monogamous and jealous. It is difficult to get along with people and just as hard to part. Many surprises happen in their lives.

They are generalists. After graduating from the institute, sometimes they do not work in their main profession. Experiencing self-doubt, despite the fact that they are capable and purposeful.

Voldemar do not tolerate other people's oppression. Careers are made slowly, they do not like to adapt. The "summer" can show a gift for writing, they have a well-developed intuition. Problems in life create themselves. Pragmatists and skeptics do not believe in anything, but sometimes they are engaged in occult sciences.

They marry late, sometimes to a woman with a child, but create a good family. Some of them dedicate themselves to the church and change their name. They often emigrate. Although the name Voldemar sounds solid, its bearer inherits a gentle and kind character.


Voldemar is delicate in sexual relations, he is very afraid of offending his partner, he tries to satisfy all her desires. Very worried when something does not work out.

Several unsuccessful sexual contacts can cause deep depression in Voldemar: he is very impressionable, susceptible. He needs a partner who can support him in difficult times, show sensitivity and understanding.

For Woldemar, sex is a way of expressing one's identity. In intimate relationships, he tries to understand the psychology of his girlfriend, her attitude to sex, to determine her temperament and sexual training.

The most striking thing is that Voldemar, having no special reason to be proud of his sexual achievements, is so gentle and affectionate that sometimes a woman is inclined to consider him a Don Juan.

At the first meeting of Voldemar with his chosen one, a psychological barrier may arise due to his appearance, style of clothing, but Voldemar's charm conquers a woman in a matter of minutes, making her feel incredible attraction to him. His manners, ability to conduct small talk attracts persons of the opposite sex and dispose them to intimate relationships.

Voldemar is very practical, and can benefit from every connection. Impulsive, has a developed imagination, addicting nature. With a woman he likes, he can spend a day in bed. And if the partner is also gentle and affectionate, then his attraction to her increases with each meeting.

Sentimental, inclined to remember the most sexual partner, to compare her with the next. Demanding in intimate relationships, he is annoyed by intractable and rebellious women, he is a leader in sex and does not tolerate objections.

Voldemar is sexually active, the most suitable partner for him will be a "winter" woman. He needs her support, he is inventive in the technique of sex, loves to experiment, and the partner must be ready for anything.

Voldemar seeks to prove to his girlfriend that he is a real man, to win her authority. After intercourse, he likes to philosophize on intimate topics, to find out the partner's opinion about her sexual capabilities. With pleasure he perceives admiration in his address, he himself is generous in praise.

Voldemar is very sexy and does not hide it. The girlfriend chooses temperamental, easily excitable. In sex, the age characteristics of the partner are important for him, a too young woman cannot completely satisfy him.

The devotion and affection of a woman is as important to him as the technique of sex. Voldemar does not want to burden himself with fears that his girlfriend might cheat on him, and for him this is the worst thing. It hurts his pride, makes him suffer.

Waldemar allows himself to have a young partner only in adulthood, being already married. Then his fears of losing her are significantly reduced, and if she leaves him, he perceives it as inevitable. He will never go for divorce.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius.


The sound of the name Voldemar gives the impression of something good, majestic, courageous, strong, brave, powerful, active, bright.

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