The most unusual watches

The most unusual watches

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For a long time, the clock doesn't just show the time. Below are the ten most original watches in the world.

Japanese samurai. At first it seems that this is not even a watch, but a steel bracelet. Meanwhile, this is an inexpensive watch that only costs $ 10. Hidden between the steel plates are red LEDs that, in theory, can show the current time beautifully. In practice, however, it is not so easy. Chinese manufacturers promise that with such a watch, the owner will improve his wisdom, charisma, strength and agility by 20%. Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal, David Bowie and Brian Eno are said to have such bracelets showing the time. The manufacturer calls the steel samurai, and the watch owner's lifestyle will be similar to the Bushido code.

Mirror clock. If you think that the hairstyle has gone astray, and the lady needs to fix her makeup, then this watch can quickly come to the rescue. They are a mirror attached to the wrist. One press of the button turns on the red LED display on them for a few seconds, which will show the time. And such a unique watch costs $ 50.

Protector 1. Devon entered the watch market with such a product. And her product looks very technological. It lives up to its name. The watch uses straps that move like a treadmill. Each of them has its own separate motor, which rotates them at a certain speed. The current time is determined by the numbers that are currently in the selected rectangles. The unusual watch is made of bulletproof polycarbonate. Probably, it is assumed that they will be used by a spy or it is vital to protect this particular gadget from a bullet. It is assumed that the owner must be a wealthy person, because an unusual watch costs 15 thousand dollars.

Energy clock of the green monster. If you want to look like a fighter against crime and insidious special services, then this watch is not for you. But for those who fight supervillains, such a gadget is just the thing! They look as if they have swept through the centuries or fell from space right into your hands. The glowing green light from this clock is like a beacon that attracts everyone's attention. One can imagine that they can perform various functions of a real superhero. The watch is made of black stainless steel, literally mesmerizing everyone around with its one look. To understand the mechanism of the watch can be done, perhaps, really by a superhero. The manufacturer explains that the lights are lit around the numbers from 1 to 12, located around the perimeter, indicating the time. The central column shows ten minutes (10, 20, 30, etc.), and the group of lights between the inner and outer columns will show the minutes themselves. While it sounds complicated, you can deal with a watch in one day. But instead of a boring object on the hand there will be an attribute of the protector of the Universe. Is it a pity $ 50 for such an unusual item?

Watch with space invaders. The legendary game as early as 1978 found its embodiment in wrist games. In this case, the wrist gadget is available in two versions at once. One is for day wear, where the figures are just colored, and the other is for night wear. In the latter case, the invaders will also burn in darkness. However, fans of the game should hurry up - the edition of the watch is limited to 78 pieces. The watch was created by the Japanese company RJ-Romain Jerom together with the TAITO Corporation. The watch should be to the liking of real fans, because the game became a cult in the 80s, becoming one of the first popular gaming applications. In Japan, even the 100 yen coins used for automatic machines have practically disappeared. The shape of the watch is round, its diameter is 46 millimeters. The watch uses fragments of steel from the Apollo 11 capsule, which confirms the space theme. Such hours cost as much as 1.5 million, but will it stop the real fans of the game?

EleeNo EG3. The Japanese company Tokyoflash has been producing strange watch designs for a long time. So the appearance also did not become this surprise. The clock shows the time through a row of three squares by filling them with squares or rectangles. The first three sections make it possible to find out the hour, the middle three - ten minutes, and the last three - how many minutes are left. These watches cost about $ 80. Although they do not look very technologically advanced, they show the time in an unusual way.

Clock card. The engineers and watchmakers at Vacheron Constantin have added to the already extremely reliable Caliber 1126AT self-winding model and a further refinement. It allows travelers to know the current time based on their location. The mechanism turned out to be quite complex and was patented. This masterpiece is dedicated to the travels of Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus. The watches are made by hand, in total there are 60 pieces in each of the two models. In the upper part there is a part of the globe associated with a certain series of geographical discovery, and at the bottom there are twelve divisions to find out the hours and minutes. The minute hand runs through the 132-degree sector. The watch is covered with enamel according to the old technology; the product is fired in a furnace at a temperature of 700 degrees.

Wooden clock. WeWood watches are 100% made of wood. The clock saved some waste from the woodworking industry from destruction, which otherwise could have simply been burned. The gadget is housed in a wooden case with a dial inside and control keys on the side. This watch can be a great gift for those who are allergic to some traditional artificial materials. When you press one of the buttons, the date will light up on the screen. And the most interesting thing is that the manufacturing company guarantees that after the sale of each piece of its watches, it will plant a new tree.

Lotto clock. It seems that fewer and fewer people want to decorate their wrists with simple watches. But even in the market for strange watches, there are some who stand out from the crowd. The lotto watches are equipped with LED backlighting, they will surely appeal to technically savvy users. Eleeno's original design can be purchased from the Japanese online store Tokyoflash. The catchy look will appeal to lotto players, and the rest will inevitably arouse interest. The manufacturer says it's pretty easy to find out the time by the watch. The outer circle of numbers is given to hours, and the inner circle is given to minutes. In accordance with the time, one or another circle lights up. The watch is also waterproof and can be purchased for $ 67.

Relativity clock. The gadget was created in accordance with the famous theory of Einstein. Here the numbers themselves move, proving that the concept of time is very relative. They say that if you look at such a watch for a long time, your head can simply spin. The watch is created on the basis of precise Japanese quartz and has a beautiful leather strap. Their diameter is 33 millimeters, and they cost $ 36 with a one-year warranty.

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