The most useless diets

The most useless diets

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Passion for a diet aims to lose weight as quickly as possible. Weird and bad ideas are at the core of these unhealthy diets. For example, the sleeping beauty diet is based on a person's sleep for several days in a row. Only now this is achieved artificially, with the help of sedatives. We will tell below about the ten most unhealthy diets in the modern world, warning our readers against excessive trust in such "right" methods. At best, they simply won't help, and the weight will remain unchanged. At worst, instead of nutritionists, you will have to see a doctor.

Diet with chocolate and pasta. Many will pinch themselves at the mention of such a diet, making sure they are not dreaming about it. Is it possible to lose weight with the help of chocolate, copulating with them also pasta? The old adage that is relevant in this case is "It sounds too good to be true." This diet provides that you can drink only water. For lunch and dinner, it is supposed to eat pasta, but in the evening you can treat yourself to 30 grams of chocolate along with popcorn. The prohibited products include alcohol and sugar, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, nuts. Any unhealthy food, fried food, dairy products, salt and red meat are prohibited, except for popcorn. One ounce of chocolate won't be enough to harm your health, but just right to skip steak at this time. Most healthy diets allow red meat that is cooked in a special way. This unique diet also suggests limiting your intake of unhealthy foods by offering a small portion of chocolate every night as a reward. But will it be able to replace some fairly important nutrients?

Chicken soup diet. The technique is based on the fact that if you have breakfast only once a day, you can only eat chicken soup for the rest of the day. However, such a diet cannot be good. After all, you have to live off grains, yoghurts, bagels, rice and liters of chicken soup. This diet is similar to the cabbage diet, as both are based on malnutrition of other foods.

Zen diet. This plan looks pretty simple - only eat food in its natural state. At the same time, there are no restrictions on meat consumption at all. Some Zen diets still prohibit meat and dairy products. The biggest problem in this case is that without meat, there are practically no funds that could replenish the necessary protein for brain chemistry, restoration of muscles and bones of the skeleton. With such a diet, a person practically does not receive fat, healthy fat. But this affects the body's satiety, the ability to stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation. So it would be worth returning bacon to the menu!

Cave Diet (Prehistoric Diet, Stone Age Diet, Paleolithic Diet). As the name suggests, this technique is based on an attempt to mimic the diet of a caveman. At the same time, such foods as meat are allowed (I wonder if dinosaur meat was lean?), Fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, root vegetables. All grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, sugar and oils are excluded. You can only consume those products that a person can get by hunting or gathering in the natural environment. It is unclear what motivated such a desire to restore food preferences from the caveman. Was his average life expectancy about 15 years?

12-day grapefruit juice diet. And this diet sounds too good to be true. You can eat as much food as you want while being full. In doing so, you can double or triple the amount of meat, salad, or vegetables in each meal. It is allowed to fry food in oil and pour over the vegetables with plenty of oil. You can eat bacon whenever you want. You are allowed to eat cheeses, you can regularly season salads with mayonnaise. The essence of the diet is that you need to drink a glass of grapefruit juice with each meal. This should serve as a catalyst to burn everything you eat. You also need to drink 8 glasses of water daily. The diet promises (does not guarantee!) That by devouring cheeses, butter, bacon and mayonnaise, but at the same time swimming and drinking grapefruit juice, you can lose 20 kilograms in two and a half months.

Three-day hot dog diet. It is difficult to say why the name of the diet contains the word "hot dog", because this dish is consumed only once during three days - at lunch on the second day. The rest of the time, for three days, you need to eat foods common for diets - cottage cheese, tuna, fruits, vegetables, black coffee or tea. You can adjust the regimen by eating half a cup of vanilla ice cream before bed. The weird path to the perfect figure is ice cream and hot dogs. The creators must have artificially added hot dogs to their diet menu just to create a sonorous name for it.

Magnetic diet. At the heart of this diet is an understanding of which foods contribute to the health of the body and which to disease. Refined sugar, cholesterol, and white flour all cause magnetism to pollute the body, leading to disease. On the other hand, fruits, whole grains, vegetables, meat and antioxidant foods, on the other hand, produce tonic magnetism to heal the body. In addition to invigorating food, be sure to meditate and tune your mind to healthier habits. The name of the diet sounds catchy, like a new age. In fact, there is nothing new here - you need to balance your diet, reduce sugar intake, get rid of stress acting on the brain, discard bad habits, replacing them with good ones. Food magnetism is an unproven thing, following these principles can lead to unbalanced nutrition.

Diet by blood type. This famous technique was developed by Dr. Peter Adamo. In accordance with his principles, people should choose what to eat according to their blood type. This should help you lose weight. For example, people with the second group should avoid corn, wheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, chicken, and sesame seeds. They are encouraged to eat goat and sheep meat, venison and eggs, green vegetables and low-fat dairy products. However, experts from well-known clinics do not adhere to this opinion. Doctors believe that dietary choices based solely on blood type will have no effect on weight and health. Such a diet plan is unlikely to meet all of the body's nutritional needs. For a person of the second blood group, such a diet can lead to malnutrition and fatigue. His life can turn into a pursuit and hunt for the right products.

Air diet. The Air Diet of the Institute for Psychoactive Research does not require giving up any foods or changing the current diet, habits. You just have to breathe. Sounds too simple? In fact, instead of focusing on how much you eat and what exactly, you need to switch your attention to breathing. The idea behind the diet is that by practicing rhythmic breathing, more air will enter the body. As a result, the more we take inside, the more we will lose weight. The best part about such a diet is that you can do it any time and anywhere - lying in bed, walking, having sex, and so on. In fact, anyone who does not even know about this diet is engaged in it.

Diet with tapeworm. The food for such a diet was the most disgusting. Few guessed, but there is evidence that "tapeworm diet pills" were on the market from 1900 to 1920. Basically, we already swallow tapeworm eggs with beef meat (presumably tapeworm would be the best choice). In the case of weight loss, we even have to take medications to kill the tapeworm. It's easy to understand that such a diet is ineffective and unhealthy; you don't need to be a genius for that. If you don't change your eating habits with such a diet, then the weight will return if the worm is expelled. Otherwise, coexistence with the tapeworm will be very unpleasant, since the parasite living in our body sucks all the life-giving force from us.

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