The most useless products

The most useless products

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There is a lot of talk about what we eat. Let's talk about the most useless foods below.

Yogurt. First of all, surprisingly enough, we will talk about yoghurts. Few people suspect that these products are useful only if their shelf life does not exceed 5-7 days. Usually, the packaging says that such a product can be stored for much longer. This means that such yoghurt contains a high content of preservatives. But they kill all the useful qualities of the product, including live lactobacilli. As a result, those yoghurts that can be stored for more than a week turn into just a dessert - delicious, but useless.

Muesli. The next line of the rating belongs to instant porridges and muesli. After all, real porridge is not prepared in 1 minute. In this case, all the rules for cooking using natural ingredients must be taken into account. As a result, important substances for the body must be present in a normal porridge. These are vitamins, and healthy fats, fiber and trace elements. The same freeze-dried flakes, which are abundantly saturated with flavors and sweets, are of no benefit. The truth is that for the preparation of ready-made cereals, grains of wheat, millet and buckwheat are subjected to special processing. In this case, the entire shell is removed from them, the grains are ground, and then crushed. But along with the shell and the germ of the grain, dietary fiber and biologically active substances are lost. The nutrient grain turns into shards containing only a lot of starch. It breaks down and gives sugar, which harms the pancreas. Excessive sweetness helps to develop diabetes, fat is deposited.

Sugar. We are used to considering this sweet product indispensable. How can you imagine a morning without the usual tea or coffee? And how will a sweet tooth do without sugar? Experts argue that adding sugar to food only gives the taste, but not any specific benefit to the body. After all, sugar is empty and refined. There are no vitamins, biologically active substances or mineral salts useful for us. Although sweet sand is made from living products - beets and sugar cane, there is practically nothing natural in it. In nature itself, sugar does not exist in pure form. Therefore, it is better to use its substitutes in food. The best of which is honey.

Pasta. The fact that this product is healthy is a myth that comes from Italian cuisine. After all, it is there that pasta is the basis. In fact, Italians do not eat pasta at all, but pasta. Its cooking technology is different from traditional pasta. Only hard wheat varieties are used for dry pasta. That is why such food is well absorbed, active carbohydrates, together with fiber and useful minerals, help digestion and metabolism. Therefore, pasta is good for health. Our usual pasta is made from soft wheat. They are not beneficial for the body, giving only calories and a feeling of fullness.

Chocolate. Those with a sweet tooth adore this product, believing that it is even useful in some way. However, all the arguments about the benefits of chocolate are just a collection of myths. Chief among them is that dark chocolate has a positive effect on the brain by producing seratonin. After all, the lack of this hormone of happiness is fraught with severe depression. Only now scientists have not found any confirmation of this fact. Even the most biased researchers were forced to admit that if chocolate could affect the production of serotonin, then it would have to be eaten so much that it would significantly damage the teeth and figure. What kind of happiness is there?

Chewing gum. About twenty years ago, there was a wave of popularization of chewing gum. The advertising campaign was initiated by large multinational corporations, which presented a new irreplaceable modern product. Huge advertising budgets were spent in order for the idea of ​​inseparability with bubblegum to firmly settle in the mind of the average person. As a result, many of us today still believe that sugar-free gum is healthy. If it contains xylitol or carbamide, it can save you from caries. Some even believe that gum can replace toothpaste with success. In fact, this is not true. Continuous chewing of gum can damage your tooth enamel. The use of such a product in childhood is generally fraught with the formation of the wrong taste. In the end, the constant engagement of a group of facial muscles during chewing leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

Sushi. Today, this product of Japanese cuisine is in vogue. In any supermarket you can buy ready-made packaged sushi, like other similar delicacies. In fact, it is worth talking about the benefits of only restaurant counterparts. Rice is really essential - it cleanses the intestines. Fish provides invaluable protein and omega polyunsaturated fatty acids. But such opportunities exist when rolls or sushi are consumed immediately after cooking. The food that is sold in the store is designed for long-term storage. Such exotic no longer possesses any useful properties.

Crisps. When the Iron Curtain fell, our country quickly found itself inundated not only with chewing gum, but with a variety of snacks. The most popular were the chips. And to popularize them, a large-scale advertising campaign was held. This time, the manufacturers did not openly lie that chips are good for health. The emphasis was on the product being an excellent companion for beer. But it was decided not to leave the adherents of healthy eating alone. Today manufacturers offer new solutions especially for them. Healthy chips are on sale - from apples, corn, and so on. But the study of such foods has revealed that they do not contain quality nutrients or minerals. But chips do damage to the heart.

Juice bags. This product cannot be ignored either. Of course, the benefits to the body from natural juices are very great, but this does not apply to those products that are sold in bags in the supermarket. The best you can count on is nectar. But even in such a mixture of concentrate and water, it will be difficult to find useful minerals and vitamins. If you want to try natural juices, it is still better to buy a juicer and prepare freshly squeezed natural fresh juice at home. This is the only way to get the maximum amount of pleasure and vitamins by controlling the quality of fruits and their quantity, as well as the concentration of the juice itself.

Bouillon cubes. Many housewives today cannot imagine their dishes without these invaluable helpers. Cubes are used to make soups and second courses. In common with traditional boulevards, those decoctions that are formed from bouillon cubes are not even taste, but taste. If the homemade rich broth contains a lot of nutrients along with a piece of meat, then there is nothing remarkable in the broth. The cube itself is a concentration of the creations of the chemical industry - preservatives, additives, dyes, enhancers, flavorings. Even if their number is not so large as to harm the body, you should not expect the benefits of a bouillon cube. Even a dish using vegetables and pure water instead of meat will be more useful.

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