The most unusual religions

The most unusual religions

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There are so many religions in the world that it seems impossible to invent something new. Here are the most unusual ones.

Shaker community. Back in 1774, a certain Ann Lee created her own community of shakers, or shakers, in America. Mother argued that love for the Lord should be shown by dancing to the point of exhaustion. According to rumors, having danced to their fill, the shakers in the dark indulge in universal depraved sin. The children born are brought up by the whole community. Not everyone liked this extravagance of behavior, it is not surprising that today there are only seven people in the shaker community in Maine.

Jesus the Papuan. This cult has existed in New Guinea for about 80 years. Its adherents believe that the first page was torn out of the Bible by white people. On it, according to beliefs, it was clearly indicated that Jesus Christ was a Papuan. People believe that one day he will return and make the Papuans their masters, and all the whites - their slaves.

Deity Sirius. African tribes are generally characterized by exotic beliefs. So, the Dogon pray to the star Sirius. They believe that from one of the planets revolving around this star, the ancestor of their tribe, named Nom-mo, flew in, who is half human and half serpent. Curiously, the uneducated Dogon knew that Sirius was a double star long before European astronomers.

"Heavenly Gates". In America in the 70s of the 20th century an unusual community "Heaven's Gate" arose. The shepherds taught that both God and Lucifer are the commanders of two flying saucer crews fighting for Earth. One can survive in this struggle only by moving to another dimension with the help of UFOs or by suicide. Oddly enough, most of Heaven's Gate fans were computer programmers. The pastors themselves prepared their believers for the transition to another level through prayer, Bible studies and refusal of pleasure. In 1975, the sect suffered a serious blow when they simply did not appear at the meeting with the aliens predicted by the pastors. With the development of the Internet, the sect expanded its activities there. In 1997, having seen signs of the imminent arrival of a spacecraft behind them in an eclipse and a comet, 39 people committed suicide by "going" to the heavenly gates.

Cannibal God. Among some Canadian Indians, it is customary to worship the Baksbakualankswe, which devours people. Recently, however, bloodthirsty rituals have not been performed. However, during the divine services, the Indians become so ecstatic that they can bite their nearest neighbor.

Parasite deities. In the jungle of Brazil, the tapirapa tribe is hiding, which deifies parasites. These people believe that the spirits who once created this world hid in human bodies and from there give advice with an inner voice. So getting rid of worms automatically means getting rid of such a spirit that is punishable by expulsion from the tribe.

Raelians. An unusual religion has existed in Canada for over 10 years. It was founded by former journalist Claude Rael, who claimed that his father was an alien. According to the pastor, the Earth can only be saved with the help of flying saucers. Rael's Church today has more than 50 thousand of its faithful supporters.

Belief in stew. When the Second World War was going on in the islands of Oceania, American soldiers appeared with loads of food and equipment. The locals liked the stew so much that they began to deify "Cargo", or cargo. Now the natives pray to the banks, believing that for their faith a new batch of delicious food will fall from heaven.

Holes. In the 19th century in the Volga region there was a community of holes. They considered the icons damaged, not worshiping them. These people prayed by making a hole in the wall, directing the words of the prayer exactly there. The community did not have any other rituals.

Indian Jains. This ancient religion in India is professed by more than 5 million people. The main principle of the Jains is the prohibition on causing any harm to living beings, which is why they do not take any weapons in their hands and, in principle, do not eat meat. Even among such unusual people, the Shvetambaras, or "clothed with light," stand out. They believe that clothes should not be worn. In order not to kill even a small insect by accident, such people breathe through a gauze bandage, and the road in front of them is scattered with a special whisk. In food, Jains are very ascetic, for them the height of holiness is death from hunger. Their main income is usury; they rob their debtors without a twinge of conscience.

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