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Meaning of the name

Tamila in translation from Old Slavonic means "languid".


Even as a child, Tamila surprises those around her with her composure and organization, in her room there is always an exemplary order, she knows exactly where everything is, she always puts her books and toys in their places.

At school, she shows herself as a diligent student, obliging and diligent. She is a big dreamer, and sometimes during the lesson, dreaming, she may simply not hear the teacher's explanations. But at home she will definitely make up for lost time.

An adult Tamil has a business acumen, an analytical and synthetic mindset, a quick reaction, the ability to cover the whole problem and make the right decision instantly.

Tamil is very practical, spends a lot of time thinking over an action plan, trying not to miss a single detail, and strives with inspiration to achieve this goal. Trusting and open, vulnerable and dreamy, Tamila is able to show all the qualities of a business woman, if need be.

She can achieve success in business, trade, advertising, journalism, finance and services, in the catering system, law, in the acting field. Loves to be in the spotlight and in the thick of things.

Even when she gets married, she does not stop his stormy social and professional activities, and prefers to shift housekeeping to the shoulders of the mother or mother-in-law, although she herself perfectly cooks and can create home comfort.


Tamil is emotional, independent, popular with men, but too picky. She is very beautiful and skillfully uses her external data for selfish purposes.

This woman "loves with her eyes", therefore she prefers amorous games in the light, contemplation of her partner excites her. Tamila loves luxury, the romantic atmosphere during a date (soft music, candles, champagne) she really likes.

Tamila has a great sexual experience, trying to help her partner open up and get maximum satisfaction. Most often she chooses experienced and affectionate partners, prefers to tell frankly what she likes.

Tamila perfectly feels the partner, sometimes it can even shock him with unusual methods of stimulation. If the man refuses the scenario of love games proposed by her, then, most likely, Tamila will break off relations with him.

If Tamila was born in August, she is extremely sexy, unable to have sex for a long time, she can become depressed. At the same time, she is very picky when choosing a partner, since she hardly tolerates deception, even worse - inattention.

Tamila needs a sex life full of emotions, otherwise she will not receive full satisfaction. Tamila, born in May, is best married to a person born in June, and the least successful union will be with her "winter" partner.

In marriage, Tamila manifests herself as an attentive, kind and flexible spouse, she gets along well with her mother-in-law. The only thing this woman will not tolerate is a raised tone, you need to talk to her absolutely calmly. There is always perfect cleanliness and order in her house, she is a wonderful housewife, a loving mother.


Brown, silvery, greenish, orange.

A rock

Amber, carnelian, topaz, beryl.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Tamil gives the impression of something kind, short.

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