Telephone communication problems

Telephone communication problems

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Calling rule

The gazed phone never rings.

Phone call problems

That's why that damn guy you gave your phone number to didn't call you until the very last night:

1. You may have given him the wrong phone number.

2. Your phone may have been out of order.

3. Perhaps he already has a girlfriend.

4. Perhaps he is "blue".

Problems answering a phone call

The very second when the guy you briefly met at a party or at a banquet finally calls you on the phone:

1. You are trying unsuccessfully to unlock the front door.

2. You are standing in the shower.

3. You forgot to turn on your answering machine.

4. You dial your friend's number to make sure the phone is working properly.

5. You do not pick up the phone on the first two calls, so as not to seem too much interested in that guy, but when you still bring it to your ear, he has already put down his.

A good way for the overly shy

If you are too shy to call a man, then steal from him the Don Juan address book with the girls' phone numbers and enter your name and phone number there.

Call results

When you finally clench your will into a fist and force yourself to call him, the result is:

1. Wrong number.

2. The line is busy.

3. No response.

4. His answering machine is out of order.

The art of excuses

When you finally break through to it:

1. He doesn't remember you.

2. He is in the bath.

3. He is having lunch.

4. On TV show the game of his favorite team.

5. He just woke up after taking a nap for a hundred minutes, and he wants to go to sleep again.

6. He caught the flu.

7. He is about to leave town on vacation.

8. He is terribly busy for the next month.

9. His girlfriend just came into his house.

Call from a bore

Never pick up the phone on Saturday night. It’s the bore you said you’re busy calling.

Hang up the answering machine

1. Mr. Ahverno is so intimidated by your answering machine that he cannot wait for the beep.

2. Mr. Ohnetak completely follows the directions of the answering machine and invariably leaves you a message asking you to call him.

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