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Meaning of the name

Taras translated from ancient Greek means "rebel, troublemaker".


As a child, Taras is stubborn, persistent and very mobile. He patiently listens to all the advice and admonitions, but acts in his own way. At school, Taras is a good student, but he does not always have a desire to comprehend science.

Taras is smart and has talents. But he makes a dizzying career, mainly in dreams. Taras clearly lacks activity and self-confidence to realize his life plans.

Taras is not very sociable, he has few friends. Taras prefers to be alone with his thoughts. He is reluctant to make contact. In his free time, he likes to sit at home and read a book, or watch TV.

Taras will achieve a lot in life if he meets a wise and understanding woman, energetic enough to manage the household and inspire her spouse for deeds in moving up the career ladder.

Taras is stingy. And this is manifested mainly in the control over family expenses. Marries a divorced woman with children from her first marriage. Drinks alcohol only on holidays.


Sex for Taras is a healthy and very pleasant pastime. He loves love affairs, loves to conquer a woman. After the fire of passion is extinguished, Taras the devil of regret breaks up with the woman.

In sex, Taras loves to dominate, to lead. Taras wants his partner to guess his desires, although he himself does not strive for this. He is sure that he knows perfectly well what a woman wants, but he is not.

Taras feels a sense of pride in himself when, after sex, his partner shower him with compliments. Taras likes experienced, uninhibited women with great erotic potential.


Dark red.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces.


The sound of the name Taras gives the impression of something rough, strong, courageous.

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